Cosmetics Bratislava

Beauty salon Beauty & Woman Bratislava 

 is a salon located in the old town on Zámocká street 36.

Beauty salon Bratislava, or beauty salon Bratislava, offers a wide range of beauty services, aesthetic procedures, massage and much more. But first, let’s take a closer look at what cosmetics really are? Cosmetics are care for the preservation of physical beauty, respectively. elimination of its shortcomings on a scientific basis. It uses the knowledge of several disciplines, e.g. dermatology, plastic surgery, chemistry, biology, sociology. In our salon, we use exclusively German cosmetics of the PHYRIS brand for all cosmetic procedures.

This cosmetics is recognized worldwide and belongs to the top on the market among cosmetic products, which is why it is so popular in our salon in Bratislava. Of course, we have not yet been able to assess your experience with beauty salons, but we believe that every client will come to his own and leave satisfied after performing cosmetic or aesthetic procedures.

 As part of cosmetic procedures, we offer the following services: cosmetic services.

Services in the beauty salon Bratislava

 -anti-aging retinol care with vitamin A

 -regenerative firming care

 -immediate and long

-term skin hydration

-protection and soothing of sensitive, delicate skin

-comfortable system of care for problematic skin

-stimulation of skin cell renewal by apple stem cells

 -massage with hydration and seasonal line PHYRIS

-massage with lifting and forest line PHYRIS

-deep cleansing of the skin and back

-microneedling of the face, neck and décolleté

-chemical peeling of the face, neck, décolleté and hands

-paraffin wraps

-day, social make-up

-massage of the face, neck and décolleté

-facial massages

-deep skin cleansing

 -microneedling, mesotherapy

 -chemical peeling

 -sale of PHYRIS cosmetic

s There are many beauty and beauty salons in Bratislava, but we dare to say that in our beauty salon you will experience relaxation for your body and soul. We will provide you with a special approach and precise cosmetic and aesthetic care. We will give you perfect relaxation with our massages: face, neck, décolleté massage, facial massages and the like. We will take care of your skin with deep skin cleansing, microneedling, mesotherapy or chemical peeling. The last point where we excel compared to the competition is that we can buy PHYRIS cosmetics directly from us or conveniently order them at home.